LOVE RIDE | 10.9.15

I finally, finally got myself a Harley Davidson tee and it's an amazing one at that. You'll learn to know that I do have a motor bike obsession, much like I do with pattern shirts and ankle boots, I'm obsessed! This stems from my father being obsessed himself, thanks Dad for sharing the love and passing that one down. As much as I want a classic Harley top with the logo on I couldn't help but go for this one instead as it's super subtle but still so rad. It's a one of a kind piece that I'll wear over and over again and treasure forever. I found it hidden away in the dark corners of eBay along with a couple of other items, just wait until you see what other bits I've picked up second hand because I think you'll be mighty jealous my friends.

Top - eBay, jeans - Primark, boots - Shellys London, hat - Forever 21, belt - Primark, bag - Primark, jewelry - vintage & Bloody Mary Metal

There's a fair bit of newness to this outfit including my hat which I purchased at Forever 21 - my favorite place! I love Forever 21, especially when they come out with great pieces like this. Whenever I want anything new I head straight to there and check out what they've got to offer first and they always deliver. Hello, this hat is proof enough!?

As for my boots, oh boy do these boots make my heart flutter. How can they not when they're covered in blue glitter and buckles AND zips? Amazing!

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