For all my babes that love a bit of retro styling, I wanted to share some stupidly perfect shots I found on my Pinterest feed thanks to racked.com and their insane 'Suddenly Seventies' spring shopping guide *gets on hands and knees and thanks them over and over again*

For real though, if you adore 1970's fashion and everything else that comes along with it then I think you'd 100% agree that this lookbook is quite something. I'm one of those people who are fascinated with photo-shoots as I'm a bit of a photography snob myself - guilty! I'm always heading to brand websites to check out their latest and greatest new season pieces which often come a long with a pretty selection of images to go with it. Zara and the Topshop homepage are always on my bookmarks not only for me to do some online shopping, but also to view their 'New In' collections. If I could make a living out of shooting models and bloggers I would be the happiest little kitty in all the land as I live for being able to shoot photographs much like these, their super dreamy and give me all sorts of inspiration, I just loving taking photographs!

This post isn't about my little photographers fantasy though so we'll save that for another day. It's all about the glory that is this photoset, major thumbs up to the stylist on this one! All that leather, mustard and fur is giving me goose-pimples. I feel like taking a short break to the woods with a bottle of something sharp along with a playlist full of Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac while shooting outfit pictures wearing the most garish printed clothing, knee high boots paired with big round sunglasses and untamed hair... Little trip to the forest anyone?

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