As I was in Notting Hill on the weekend I obviously needed to take a few snaps in front of the beautiful town houses (thanks to Chloe for these photos by the way, you aren't that bad at it after all!) - much to the owners dismay. I can't resist those dreamy white walls and black fences which surround the million pound houses that I long to own, I'd be rude not too!

Top - Primark, jeans - Primark, boots - H&M, jacket - H&M, scarf - Primark, belt - Primark, jewellry - Topman and vintage

It was such a scorching day that half of this outfit wasn't worn for the majority of it, I can't exactly don a big fluffy cardigan in the humid streets of central London now can I? I am annoyed at myself for wearing head to toe black because I knew it was going to be hot, it always is in London especially when travelling about on a busy Saturday. I should of got my legs out, maybe even got a tan but what can you do? It's safe to say it was an uncomfortable day but still a good one at that.

I knew I'd be walking around the city all day so I wanted to wear something not too complex so I kept it simple with my all black ensemble of jeans and a tee while letting my accessories do the talking by layering up gold and silver necklaces under my 70's skinny scarf, a new favorite of mine. For the 100th time, I love the 70's vibes going around at the moment and skinny scarves are just the start of it. I've worn this thing so many times, not only around my neck but around my head Keith Richards stylie (as per usual) and also on my plain black bag to make it a little less boring and business like. It's the perfect accessory!

I can't end this post at that, I've got to mention this killer Bowie-esque jacket which is so mad and tacky that I personally think it's bloody fabulous. I'm in love with the colour of it too, purple is my all time favorite but I never wear it, to be honest I rarely wear bright colours or any colour in general so adding some purple shades to an all black attire mixes it up a bit and doesn't make me look like a do every other day of my life. Who knew I'd end up matching the pastel hues of Notting Hill as well? Good move Chloe, it's like you planned it!

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