13TH JULY 2015
Dress - Motel Rocks, jacket - Forever 21 (mens), shoes - Converse, sunglasses - Dorothy Perkins, watch - Topshop, rings - Bloody Mary Metal and Topshop.

I felt like it was time to put this gorgeous Motel dress to use and dress it down to make it a little more boy-ish and casual, as it's a dress that's mostly worn in the evening thanks to it's glorious shimmery gold fabric which is perfect for many night time events - I mean those of an after 10pm nature. I kept seeing it hanging in my wardrobe and thinking of an occasion I can wear it again, as the last time I wore it was to an actual Motel event last year which obviously I had to wear one of their items, and it was there where I fell more in love with the brand after seeing many blogger babes donning a slip dress or cool two piece. So, it was surely time to get it out again and because I'm not much of a social butterfly, I decided to not wait for a reason to wear it and just go for it by toning it down with my regular grungy accessories.

I borrowed the boys leather instead of my own to give those extra boy-ish vibes, but also because it's so much better and over-sized than mine, I should just buy a mens one next time because I can't promise he'll be getting it back, whoops. The jacket wasn't enough so I had to team it with a pair of chucks which just so happen to perfectly match the golden colour of my dress. I did keep it a little girly by wearing my new pair of heart shaped glasses (which every time I say that I think of the Marilyn Manson song) which are too cute, not a word I use too often when talking about my personal outfits. I do adore them though, they're super sixties and add a real quirky touch to any attire.

Not only is this outfit decent for regular daily activities but you can swap the chucks for a pair of heels and there you have it, a glitzy attire for an evening do! Oh, and don't forget to take the shades off because you're not Jay Z and can't get away with sunglasses at night time, ever.

It felt good swooshing about in a dress that's a little more feminine and fancy than usual, but still keeping to my tom-boy roots felt good too. It's also pretty nice to finally get some sun on my legs as these pins are still as pale as a ghost, but with more of tan this dress would look even better, time to get tanning!


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