3RD MAY 2015

Time for another addition of 'Style Crush' and this time it's all about those female musician vibes. Heck yes, girl power!

I've been following the music of Charlotte Kemp Muhl for a few years now and it just so happens her style and looks come with it, lucky for some. The reason behind me initially discovering her was when I found my love for John Lennon and did some searching on the WWW about his family and there you have it, the beautiful tunes of his beautiful son, Sean Lennon and his beautiful girlfriend Charlotte. What a glorious moment that was!

I'm not going to lie, their music is an acquired taste and definitely for the weird and wonderful. Think Green Man festival at sunset after a couple of beers. The sounds of indie folk mixed with psychedelic tunes makes for an epic soundtrack by The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, also known as GOASTT. If you're a fan of Beck or Pink Floyd then this may in fact be your cup of tea, they even opened for Beck on his 2014 tour, I dreamed of being there!

Anyway, let's stray away from the music and talk more about style. This lady looks like shes come straight out of a charity shop after a day of shopping with her grandma and I love it. Think tassels, the odd over the top hat and lots of lace. Three things I would wear if attending a festival in the desert (also known as Coachella) and probably on a daily basis too... There is something so perfect about a pretty lady swooshing about on stage with her guitar singing with her lover, both of which looking mesmerizing.


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