Top - Forever 21, shirt - thrifted, shorts - Levis (DIY), boots - Duo, hat - Primark, belt - Primark, jewelry - Topshop.

It's no secret that I'm bootie obsessed and with the help of Duo I've found the perfect pair of beige ankle boots! The search is off people, THE SEARCH IS OFF!

I actually can't believe I didn't own a pair of beige ankle boots, what's up with that? I have a few that could almost make the cut but these fit the bill perfectly. I have one pair with straps and buckles on and the hint of khaki and another with a wedge but these are plain, simple and amazing. Thank's to the lovely people over at Duo I've managed to feed my addition even more with this beautiful pair which fit right on into the forever growing bootie family.

Recently I've had an item or two that have been on the more expensive side of things and it's made me think about really investing in some key pieces for my wardrobe. I managed to get my hands on a sold out Marc Jacobs shirt - don't you worry, as soon as that suckers dry cleaned I will be sharing it in all of it's glory! and I have to say that spending a lot of money on an item is really worth it. I can't stress enough how amazing it feels to have a pair of handmade, leather boots on my feet. They're an absolute dream to stomp around in all day and they smell amazing... Is that odd? Maybe, but the smell of leather is something else!

Duo have some pretty special boots and shoes online at the moment and I'm thinking of saving up for different style as now I've witnessed having good quality shoes on my feet, I feel I need to up my boot game even more with a few really special ones. I do wear them on the daily so it'll be 100% worth it (there I go with the excuses again). They're currently running a sale which you can actually find this particular pair on, but hurry because they'll be all snatched up soon!

Not only are these boots perfect but the box arrived in was equally lovely, but I am a sucker for packaging after all! Do check out their website, especially now they're in sale,

PS - Today is my mothers birthday, happy birthday mumma Carpenter! Sorry I didn't get you a pair of these boots for your birthday...


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