26TH MAY 2015
LISTENING TOO: THE BEATLES - NO REPLY ♫ Top - Forever 21, jeans - M&S, jacket - thrifted, hat - eBay, sunglasses - Topshop, boots - M&S, watch - Topshop.

And they want their everything back. I'm literally taking a trip back in time with this outfit and I'm so into it. We all know seventies styling has come back in full force and I've always been head over heels in love with it. Although I think it was a great time for fashion, the people of the seventies will probably disagree. I love the tassels, bell bottoms, colours and the music, all of it is right up my street!

Another reason to love the seventies is because many of the greatest bands (I personally think anyway) come from that era from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and obviously The Beatles to name a few. I'm a huge fan of rock from that era so the fashion side of it does come with it as I do find myself looking similar to those who attend a Bob Dylan concert. The Beatles are the star of the show in this case and I'm looking more like a roadie from one of their shows instead.

I showed you guys this crop top in my most recent Forever 21 haul on my YouTube channel and went on and on about how much I adore it so I wont go on about that too much. I do seriously love it though because the shape and the cut is super unique and makes a change from my dozens of other band tee's. It's also got the classic seventies colours with the yellow and the orange, I really wish I owned a suede jacket because that would of made this outfit extra dreamy. Oh dear, that's next on the list now!

I've got to mention the fact I'm wearing a pair of burgundy cords, like seriously am I turning into my Mother already? I'm not complaining as she is a hella stylish lady but I never thought I'd wear a pair of cords again. I wore them years ago before I even cared about skinny jeans and thought I would never look back. But as a true lover of style around that era, I was completely drawn to these cords. I think it's stupid to say you'll never wear a certain item of clothing because believe me it's easy to be swayed...

I ended up scrolling through way too many sites before finding this seriously retro hat on eBay and my goodness it was stressful, I wanted one so badly. I've wanted one ever since seeing my main man Harry Styles wearing one while looking ridiculously cool walking through the streets of London during winter. I really do get swayed too much by his style because even if he was donning a neon pink cat suit I would probably give that a go too. He just looks good in anything and is quite possibly the male version of myself.

To top it all off I've got my favorite ever pair of sunglasses to add an even more old school vibe. I have so much love for all of these items that this OOTD is one of my top and yes, I would like to be buried in it, ok?


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