21ST MAY 2015
LISTENING TOO: CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG - HEY JOE ♫ Top - Newlook, trench coat - M&S, jeans - Primark, boots - M&S, sunglasses - Newlook, watch - Topshop, ring - Bloody Mary Metal, nails - Primark.

HOLY CRAP I HAVE INTERNET! This is revolutionary. I have gone over two weeks without it and it's been torture. That's quite a strong reaction but for someone who spends a lot of their day using it it's pretty awful and I'm sure most of you can agree with my on that one. It's been tedious having to watch normal television and not rely on Netflix or YouTube to keep me entertained. I haven't scrolled through Pinterest or read up on my daily blogs in so long, I have A LOT to catch up on! Thankfully I had a little bit of phone data but it's not quite the same having to watch what you do every time you use your mobile. I've also been dying to blog for so long and it it feels good finally sitting down at my new desk and writing posts for you all, I literally ran here as soon as it was installed! I'm also thrilled about having so many new locations to shoot in, the world Bristol is my oyster. So hallelujah! Back to the 21st century we go!

Let's talk outfits then, this is a favorite of mine and although you and I have seen it done a hundred and one times over (especially if you've taken a trip to Paris before) I still love it. The trench is so classic and whether you're male or female you have to invest in one. You also have to at some point wear it with stripes, just to be that extra bit Parisian. I don't know if that's a really bad stereotype or if it is in fact a french thing but I feel a trench coat and some navy and white stripes are the best combo ever made. This striped roll neck vest top is perfect for that and although it is actually black, you get my drift.

If I do go to Paris in the future I'm probably going to pack this outfit (and every one of my striped tops) and take a touristy photograph holding up the Eiffel Tower, it's got to be done really hasn't it?

Apologies if any Parisians were offended at any point during this post. *inserts monkey covering face emoji*


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