6TH MAY 2014 

Today is moving day, the most stressful and surreal day I am yet to encounter. I'm leaving my home here in Devon and moving an hour and a half away to start a new life in the city of Bristol with my boyfriend and I could not be more excited. It's begun to feel real now that all of my life is packed away into cardboard boxes waiting to be taken away in the moving van and into our new home. It's all very daunting but also very exciting!

It's become apparent to me that it's time I moved away from this little town I call home as not much goes on here. My mother would hate me for dissing it so much, but for me there is nothing going on. It's lovely if you're a holiday maker or love the quiet life, but for me it holds no future. I'm looking forward to coming back and visiting as I'm sure that'll make me appreciate it so much more. But it's time for me to flee the nest as they say, and start my life.

I can't wait to get stuck in with the city life, begin a brand new job and create a lovely home for us both. As for now, it's time for us to load our van up and get on our way! I won't have the Internet for a few weeks yet, which I'm not at all ready for. How will we cope with not having Netflix when building all of our furniture?! What a nightmare, do pray for us. I hope you all have a lovely week, or maybe even two (hopefully not) and cheers to the future!


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