13TH APRIL 2015
Top - Primark (mens), jeans - Riverisland, trainers - Nike, bag - Topshop, sunglasses - Matalan, watch - Topshop.

Let's take a trip back to the 90's where MTV was at it's finest and programs such a Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant weren't even a thought. Given, Beavis & Butthead was already a thing when I was old enough to watch it but when I did feast my eyes on it's brilliance it became one of my most memorable 'cartoons' to date. Two rock obsessed dumbasses sat on their couch judging music videos and life for ten minutes is totally fine by me, as I'm a sucker for sticking on the top 40 music channel and scaring my eyes with some of the worst videos I have ever seen. Their are a few that are brilliant, but most of the time it's half naked women twerking to dance tunes, not something I want to be watching or even hearing.

I've got to give it to Primark, their selection of graphic tee's which send me into a distant memory of my teenage years is really quite something. Although their Hogwarts t-shirts are a little over done as I feel like I've been seeing them everywhere I go. But some of them are pretty cool, this one included. My t-shirt collection is full to the brim of film, music and tv designs such as the 80's/90's Game Of Thrones graphics by the amazingly talented Mike Wrobel, a five year old Sonic Youth shirt which I bought in the biggest size they had and then cut the arms out, so it now shows a ridiculous amount of side boob and of course, a Django shirt with Jamie Foxx' face on. I'm never stuck for a shirt to wear.

More 90's goodness is the faded out denim 'boyfriend' jeans, which are the most un-flattering, bum flattening pant ever made. But if you look behind the fact your bum looses all of it's shape, they're the comfiest jean ever and look so great in the summer.


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