29TH APRIL 2015
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So my hat game has seriously upped lately. I'm forever thinking about what hat I will sport to cover up my flat as a pancake hair style. It's not that I hate my hair or am hiding a layer of grease under it (ok sometimes that is the case), but simply because I love them. My mother has always told me I have a 'hat head', meaning I look particularly fetching in a hat, and of course I'm now owning that. My collection is growing from a selection of colorful wide brimmed hats to floppy summer ones and I love it. I love how they make an outfit, or add a bit more 'cool' to a really dull look. It's like adding a black fedora to an outfit consisting of a white t-shirt and jeans makes it instantly ooze cool and I'm 100% on board with that. Hello dull attires that can be made way better with one of my favorite things, a hat!

A couple of bloggers are ruling the hat game too. Charlotte from Crave Green Velvet seems to be donning a black hat just as much as me at the moment and it seems to go with every OOTD she posts up on her blog. One of her latest posts, Sheer 70's, made me want to put on a floaty dress and hat while prancing around to Stevie Nicks all day, thanks for that! I don't think Street Angel has ever been played so much as it was that day. Another babe that's hat collection has caught my eye is YouTuber Mika Francis and I will say now that this girl could pull off any hat and look killer, even those dumb 'kitsch' ones with kittens ears poking out of the top, or those umbrella hats that dad's think are the funniest invention known to man, she would look badass in one and probably end up making a fashion statement. I know, I'm jealous too.

I'm also particularly loving the collection Asos have got going on at the minute as well, it varies from rather large matador hats to a more subtle bowler hat. There are hats for every occasion! I'm now going to stop myself here before I say the 'H' word anymore... But seriously though, give one a go! You may as well have a head subtitle for any hat you so well desire!


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