11TH MARCH 2015
Tee - Forever 21, shirt - M&S, leather jacket - Primark, jeans - Primark, booties - Topshop, bag - Topshop, bandanna - Claire's Accessories, rings - Bloody Mary Metal, necklace - Topman (similar).

I can't tell if rocking the Axl Rose bandana is a good look or a bad one. Perhaps the fact I have a center parting doesn't help, I'm just glad I'm no longer blonde else it could of been a whole different story. I felt like a mix between him and a love of mine, Mr Keith Richards. Not two of the worst people in the world I could of ended up channeling so I'm going to say it was an OK look to go for?

I was about to put my hat over my bandana like I usually do, but before I got the chance I heard a little voice coming from behind asking to see what it looked like without it (that was Dan helping me out when getting dressed this morning). I wasn't 100% sure if I could pull it off but being the 'why not' type that I am, I left the house with it on, although I did kind of want to get my air guitar out and start running about my imaginary stage like the pair of them all day!

Once I got over my desire to be a rock star I went with it and got out all things leopard and denim just to be that extra bit 90's. I teamed my Primark ripped knee jeans with a denim shirt for layering and added my leopard print Topshop mini bag and one of my all time favorite pair of booties. To top it all off, a leather jacket of course.


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