T-shirt - Forever 21, jacket - New Look, jeans - Primark, booties - Marks and Spencer, belt - Primark, necklace - Topman, watch - Topshop (similar), rings - Accessorize

If you've seen my 'Current Sounds' section (which you can find at the navigation bar at the top of this page) then you'll know already that i'm an avid hip-hop fan, Biggie Smalls being my top choice. I've always enjoyed that sweet 90's sound, super mellow, super chill and a little bit naughty. As we know by now another love of mine is ridiculous t-shirts, and obviously this one is a little bit mad! Little pictures of Biggies face from the iconic The Final Chapter album is pretty hilarious, so thank you Forever 21 for making this brilliant t-shirt which kind of reminds me of Eleven Paris as they're notorious (no pun intended) for their eye-catching and rather ridiculous all over prints.

I feel like my coat is a fitting choice, as the 90's hip-hop scene wasn't shy of a few fur coats here and there. P-Diddy was the ultimate fur king and still is, did you see his outfit at the Kanye West x Adidas Originals NYFW show? That fur collar was something else.

I've added a little more pattern by wearing a thin leopard print belt to the mix and kept the rest of my outfit toned down with a simple pair of black skinny jeans and everyday black booties, which if you haven't gathered I literally wear daily. I'm really obsessed with wearing basic jeans and boots and having a more 'out there' top half at the moment, mainly because these jeans are a security blanket of mine. I've pretty much worn black jeans all winter and i'm going to have to cave in and stock up on more to save my moaning every time I spill something down this pair. I think the fact they're black makes me feel a little more comfortable as I can accidentally spill tea down them and no one will notice, which is a twice a day occurrence for clumsy ol' me as it was only yesterday that I split half a cup over myself and my boyfriends bed sheets, oopsie. Another reason why I need to stock up I feel!


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