Hat - Accessorize (similar), top - Forever 21, rings - Bloody Mary Metal, lipstick - MUA in 'Shade 1'

It's not often I take time out of my day to take self portraits, but today I did. I wanted to update all of my social media pages with a new photo because they rarely ever change. So, today I decided to pop my camera on my tripod and get to it. Time for an update! 

I would love to make more time for taking photos, not only of myself but of others too. There is something so satisfying about seeing an image you worked hard to create all edited and available for people to see. I also think they say a lot about a person, for example some of you may not even know about all of my tattoos or a piercing or even the fact I no longer have braces anymore. It's quite personal and shows others things they may never have knew about you.

As much as the word 'selfie' makes me want to vom and everytime I do take a photo I feel as of it's been forever ruined by the term, taking regular 'selfies' doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I recently looked back at some old photo's and saw how much I'd changed, not quite Miley Cyrus change, but a slight change at that. Seeing myself with a different hair cut and colour with no tattoos at all was a little strange, and in another year or two I'll be seeing how much I've changed again.

I feel a little like I'm getting too deep about my photo taking time today, so It's time for me to sign off. But go ahead, take a selfie or two, it aint that bad!

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